John Maclay directed this play featuring Tony Wood and Doug Balcer, which means that it involved at least one ridiculous fight sequence.  Julie Pandl wrote this play about the Homeless at Wolskis.  This was also Tony’s first stab at the acting thing.

Mondy Carter wrote this piece about Sit-Com Writers in a Womb.  It featured Brian Roloff, Rebacca Merritt and Rebkkah Voss.  Check out the umbilical cords.

John Van Slyke wrote a really sweet piece about Faith Healers in a Silent Film.  The play featured Jennifer Fletcher, Kim Cieszykowski and Robert W.C. Kennedy.

Our first musical.  Tony Wood selected Leonard Nimoy at the Pearly Gates.  He wrote all night and performed the Wolskis piece with no rest.  Having done the same thing, I can’t recommend it.  The play featured Brian Miracle, David Steward and Tami Rentmeester.  One of them knows how to sing.