Toolbox: A Course In Directing & Physical Acting Tools For Performance Makers Of All Kinds 

Einsteins Dreams, Holderness Theater Company at 45 Bleeker

Led by Rebecca Holderness

6/28 – 8/7, 2010
Saturday Mornings, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Kenilworth Square East/UWM/PSOA

This is a course in the conception and construction or direction of original, adapted group, and solo performance works, plays or dances- whatever their media or style. Each class will begin with an exercise typical to Viewpoints, Grotowski, Elevated Text, and Action Based Text based, or Site Specific rehearsal processes. Discussion will follow on problems and opportunities presented by integrating these techniques with other media or practices, classical or modern dance, meditation, puppets, realistic acting, and other diverse performance elements. Questions addressed include how is a rehearsal process planned for a multi media or cross discipline work? What are the points of connection between techniques and what are points of divergence? In effect how do you make a plan for a work that sits outside the “box.” 

Individual Lab time for each participant will be scheduled to plan, discuss and trouble shoot and dream up projects. The Class can be used to research and refine plans, map out performances or proposals, and practice rehearsal techniques and prepare material. The workshop is perfect to directors gearing up for new work, actors wanting to self-script or visual artists who want to make performance part of their work.

 The class is being offered as a special opportunity to the public. Entrance requirements are a phone interview with the Professor and payment will be made at the Box Office, Peck School of the Arts, UWM. 

Contact Info: Email or call (414) 229-4947.

Cost: $200 

Rebecca Holderness is a director, choreographer and teacher, artistic director of Holderness Theatre Company director- Selected Projects: Lori-Parks 365 PLAYS at Joe’s Pub and The Public Theatre/NYC with the Director’s Project, as well as acclaimed TWELFTH NIGHT, EINSTEIN’S DREAMS and CROWNS at Burning Coal in North Carolina. At UWM, HAY FEVER by Coward, THE ROAD NORTH- a musical work, ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF AN ANARCHIST by Fo, OF MICE AND MEN by Steinbeck, 1001 by Jason Grote, GHOST by Zakiyyah Alexander, MR. MELANCHOLY by Matt Cameron, NYC/Off Broadway: THE LIFE OF SPIDERS, Kelly Stuart, HTC/The Culture Project; THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE, tour for Lincoln Center Institute; LCT Lab and with award winning writers Kipp Erente Cheng, Steve Belber at Julliard. And at Shakespeare and Company, Les Choregies D’Orange and around the USA.