Kick away those lazy dog days of summer with the high-speed comedy of Carte Blanche Studios Theatre, located 1024 S. 5th St in Milwaukee, “Out of Order” by Ray Cooney, running the weekends (Thurs-Sun) of June 17-27.

Carte Blanche director Jimmy Dragolovich does the farce dance again with a stellar cast of familiar company faces and some exciting new talent as well. Carte Blanche has shown great strength in this genre with previous seasons’ “Noises Off” and “Don’t Dress for Dinner”; both reviewed as the most entertaining comedies of their respective seasons.  The quick timing and outrageous physicality needed to pull off an entertaining farce are greatly magnified by the intimacy of the 80 seat theatre.                    

Set in suite 648 at the Westminster Hotel, all the classic elements of a British farce are apparent; Clayton Hamburg comfortably takes on the role of Richard Willey, a scheming politician who plans to spend an evening with the delightfully ditzy Jane Worthington (Liz Whitford). Liz has shown her beauty and talent for comedic timing at Carte Blanche on many occasions in roles ranging from a Kit Kat girl in “Cabaret” to the handmaiden Margaret in Shakespeare’s “Much Ado about Nothing”.  Returning to the theatre after a year studying at the American Academy of the Dramatic Arts, Paul Terkel performs Mr.Willey’s finicky and fastidious assistant with the perfect polite perversion needed for the role. Adam Zastrow storms on stage as Ronnie Worthington, Jane’s rightfully jealous husband. Adam’s attention to the subtle details of comedy gives the broad hysteria of the farce a much needed heart. Michael Keiley executes the role of the hotel manager with tight lipped comic timing and a hysterically dominating stage presence he has shown in every role he has taken on this stage. Returning for a second season, Jordan Gwiazdowski uses his command of inflection and physicality to pop in and pester as the obnoxious aged bell-boy. Rounding out this male heavy cast is the brilliantly comical and charming Amber Smith and Laura McDonald, a relative newcomer to Carte Blanche Studios after making her debut as an understudy in the latest production of “Streetcar Named Desire”. Throw in a few doors, a killer window, Ed Barczynski as a vigilantly catatonic corpse, and you have yourself a British “Weekend at Bernies”… but funny.               

Stop by the newly renovated theatre, featuring a full bar, and enjoy a beer or glass of wine as it loosens your amusement muscles and gets you rolling on the floor with the sheer joy and ridiculousness that creates a well-working farce. Performances are at 8:00pm Thursday through Saturday and 6:00pm Sunday. Carte Blanche Studios Theatre is locatedat 1024 S. 5th St. in Milwaukee. Visit for tickets or call the box office at 262.716.4689.