Here’s Amy Hansmann in a play by Tony Wood.  Triumph of the Still was directed by Katie Cummings.

Tony combined Nazis with Mayberry.  That’s Tami Rentmeester as Aunt Bee and Doug Jarecki as Andy.

You can’t have an Andy without a Barney Fife.  “Central Casting, we need the slimest actor in Milwaukee.”  And thus we got Stephan Roselin.

We almost lost some people with this one, but Tony was making a great point about how mainstream Nazis have become.

Tami did triple duty also playing Otis.

And though not pictured here, Stephan also did a mean Opie.

And here’s Tami as Floyd the barber as well.

And that’s it for the pictorial romp down memory lane.  If you want more you’re going to have to see them with your own eyes at Combat this weekend.  Come out and support 50 of the most talented theatre artists in Milwaukee.