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Below is a list of the 4 characters I am looking to cast. I included descriptions and some short bios for them. They are 2 females and 2 males. As you may have read, the tentative time I am looking to shoot this is around labor day week. (Sept. 7-13 or so) This will be a short film and so hopefully it will not be more than a day or two. 

Short Film: “The Lady of Menagerie” 


Samantha (“Sam”) Elliott- Samantha is a complex, yet practical woman thirty one years of age. She grew up as an only child in a conservative, Christian household. These Christian values were instilled into Sam primarily by her father, William Musker, whose recent death (Cancer) is the catalyst for the story.  She was a good Christian until she went to college and a streak of independence, liberal leaning friends and parental rebellion led her to a more liberal philosophy. Her Religion played a smaller role in her life as she discovered art such as painting, writing and acting. She excelled at painting and sculpting and would go on to earn a teaching degree to become an art teacher of young students. 

 The newfound free spirit she found in college also led her into the arms of Denim Elliott, her future husband, whom she met during her third year. They were both enrolled in a painting class and became flirtatious of the course of the semester. She had just broken up with Harry Kaplan, a very conservative Jewish man whom was introduced to her by her father William. Although not of the same faith, William respected Harry’s strict moral code and they were in agreement on all social and political issues. This introduction was also an attempt by her father to “save” his daughter from the liberal world of college campus to which he feared losing her. Coming off this relationship, Samantha was looking for the complete opposite of Harry and found Denim.  

 Samantha – Female 30-35yrs approx. Caucasian. Brunette/Dark Brown hair. She is a Gemini and is giving to extreme shifts in personality. She can be both calm and fiery in a matter of moments. Height: 5.5”-5-7”. Average weight. She would be wearing a black dress for the entire film. Funeral attire.   

Denim Elliott – Denim is a very cynical and bitter man thirty two years of age. He is an atheist at heart and sees the worst in people and the world. He believes humanity is evil and should cease to exist, but his liberal, passive nature has kept him relatively balanced. His cynical personality is only compounded by his not being accepted into the acting community: his first love. This has also led to insecurity in his professional and personal life. In high school and college he lived for the arts, both to meet girls and out of a desire to spread his liberal views. It is in such an art class that he met Samantha Musker. To him, her Christian conservative past fed his appetite to “enlighten” her and was irresistible.  After graduation Denim continued to look for acting work. As a result he quit acting to pursue a career in public office. This was another way to spread his liberal agenda and get a job without much real world experience. When the next election for Mayor came around he jumped at the chance and got on the ballot. Unfortunately, his lack of skill as a campaigner and inability to bond or relate to the people of Menagerie led to his defeat. It only added to the humiliation that his opponent in the election had died of a heart attack three weeks before voting. We pick up with Denim two years later, a day before an election is being held to fill the soon to be vacant Mayor position. Denim is once again on the ballot. His Republican opponent this time is Harry Kaplan.  

Denim – Male 30-35yr approx. Caucasian.  He is a Pisces and as a result has a very creative, liberal nature. But can also be indecisive. Like Sam, this dueling personality carries both highs and lows and has led to an intense love/hate marriage with her. Height: 5.7”-6.”  He will be wearing a black suit and black tie throughout the film. Funeral attire. 

Harold (“Harry”)  Kaplan- Harry Kaplan is a very conservative Jewish man. He was raised in a strict Jewish home that shaped his world view in every way, especially foreign policy. His father was a state senator and was responsible for his entering politics. Although, being that Jewish republicans are a rarity in politics this led to him being a bit of an outcast in society and has not helped his love life.  As a result he jumped at the chance of being set up with Samantha Musker. Charles Kaplan, Harry’s father, was good friends with William Musker and their mutual needs and motives for finding their child a date, led to the introduction. Harry instantly took a liking to Samantha’s fiery personality and the challenge of courting her. However, the Religious divide between them, he being a conservative Jew and her a waning Christian with newly discovered liberal leanings, took it’s toll and the their relationship was short lived. Harry had a hard time letting her go, mainly due to not being able to meet other girls. He has had feelings for her since the break-up and was devastated by her new relationship with Denim. He took up heavy drinking soon after he learned the news.

We first see Harry on his way to William Musker’s funeral with Karen Fisher, his current girlfriend and campaign manager. He does not care for Karen in any deep way, but his desperation to be with somebody has led to the commitment. He continues to pine for Samantha and looks for her in any new girl that may come along. He became a prosecutor out of college. He was elected to city council three years later. He is running for mayor in this election, mainly since it would mean defeating Denim, for whom he still blames for stealing Samantha from him.  

Harold – Male 30-35yr. approx. Caucasian.  As a Sagittarian he has a strong sense or morality, but tends to overemphasize Religious symbols and rituals rather than God himself. As a result he often pays lip service to his faith without following through in practice. He would also switch allegiance if it provided him with personal advantage. It is this practical, some would say hypocritical, side that has occasionally caused him to stray from his strict Jewish traditions. Height: 5.7”- 6.2” He also will be wearing a black suit and tie throughout the film. 


Karen Fisher – Karen is a younger open minded woman constantly looking for spiritual fulfillment. She was raised by two lawyers completely consumed by their work. As a way to make up that parental distance, she explored many Religious faiths and has had many different political views throughout her life. She first belonged to the Protestant church and then joined the Mormon faith as it grew in popularity. Most recently she has taken up Scientology. She is notorious for joining the latest “thing” and having a short attention span. Her political views have also changed by the year. She is lately exploring conservatism and joined the campaign of Harry Kaplan to further this interest. When Harry expressed romantic interest in her, mainly due to lack of opportunity, she saw it as a way to learn more about the conservative mind. This led to her running his campaign for mayor.  She has dated many different types of men, Harry is her first Republican. 

Karen- Female 30yrs. approx. Caucasian. Being a Libra she can be easy-going and sociable, but is also gullible, easily influenced and flirtatious.  Height: 5.5”-5.8.” She will be wearing a dark dress as well. A dress suitable for a funeral.