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Theatre invigorates minds the world over, merging myriad creative pursuits into one engrossing experience. Thousands flock to performances the world over to experience the full spectrum of human emotion and talent on display. So it makes perfect sense that patrons of the performing arts exchange ideas and opinions on what they see, hear and feel with one another through social media. Including, of course, blogs. Lists such as these are always incredibly subjective in nature. Please do not take offense with any omissions or inclusions, and never discount the contributions of unlisted bloggers! With theatre such a diverse and delicate art, there are plenty of valuable opinions out there to consider.

Theatre Companies and Departments

The following is only a very small sampling of some theatre companies and collegiate departments who keep regularly updated blogs. Even fans who cannot make the shows can still learn quite a bit about the people who make plays possible.

  1. steppenwolf.blog: The renowned Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago keeps a blog about the people and news who make their performances possible.
  2. Behind the ‘Line: Timeline Theatre Company’s official blog opines on more than just their latest season. Ruminations on art, philosophy, history, politics, social commentary and current news within the performance art community also round out the content.
  3. Huntington Theatre Company: Boston-based Huntington Theatre Company keeps a blog for its staff and cast members alike, providing a nice variety of great perspectives on their performances, news and opinions.
  4. 11:11 Theatre Company Blog: Get a behind-the-scenes peek behind how one independent theatre troupe puts together original productions for their community.
  5. The Pearl Theatre Company: Another excellent blog by a theatre company that thoroughly engages its audiences both online and off.
  6. Red Mountain Theatre Company: Meet the people behind the productions at Birmingham, Alabama, and hear what they have to say about their art.
  7. The Alumnae Theatre Company’s Blog: Theatre aficionados with a fascination for feminism will appreciate this troupe’s dedication to producing plays with strong women characters.
  8. Arden Theatre Co.: Crew and cast alike express themselves on Arden Theatre Company’s official blog, which also gives voice to any visiting artists who work with them.
  9. TADA!: Both students and faculty at SUNY’s Fredonia Department of Theatre and Dance contribute to their TADA! blog, offering a diverse amount of insight into performing arts education.
  10. Belhaven Theatre: Anyone interested in intersections between religion and creativity may find the frequently-updated blog from Belhaven University’s drama department.

Playwrights and Playwriting

Step inside the mindset of playwrights with these illuminating blogs, showcasing a selection of some creative processes behind penning and producing performances.

  1. Playwrights Foundation Blog: It may not update as often as some of the other blogs on this list, but the Playwrights Foundation’s ardent dedication to promoting American writers and theatre companies deserves acknowledgement.
  2. Plays and Playwrights: New York Theatre Experience publishes plays and promotes playwrights, and their blog shares information on the latest works and the people behind them.
  3. Caviglia’s Cabinet of Curiousities: Carolyn Raship of Antarctica fame blogs about some incredibly fascinating corners of creativity, mostly drama.
  4. Adam Szymkowicz: This exceptionally cool blog features insightful interviews with some of today’s hottest and emerging playwrights.
  5. Theatre, Culture, Politics & Stuff I Like: Notable playwright David Johnson blogs about his thoughts on the theatre industry as well as the ideas that shape his life and works.
  6. New Play Blog: Social media, collaboration and playwriting converge in this highly informative resource.
  7. Jamespeak: James Comtois waxes philosophical on playwriting, television, performances he attends – and plenty more.
  8. On Theatre and Politics: Playwright and freelance writer Matthew Freeman shares his experiences and opinions on the intimate way in which creativity and politics often intertwine.
  9. TXC Information Centre: With over 10 years of experience, playwright, performance artist and director Tom X. Chao has offers up some interesting, relevant news and views via his blog and podcast.
  10. Travalanche: For some of the most penetrating writing on the theatre industry, pay a visit to creative Renaissance man Donald Travis Stewart’s (alias Trav S.D.) seriously cool corner of the web.

Acting and Actors

For aspiring actors — and those who wish to appreciate their work — the following blogs provide a nice start to researching the ins and outs of the notoriously unforgiving career path.

  1. The Acting Blog: Acting coach Mark Westbrook provides some great tips and tricks for aspiring actors as well as plenty of fodder for theatre (and film!) critics.
  2. Answers for Actors: Get advice from respected actor and casting director Paul Russell every week, which applies to stage and screen alike.
  3. The Actors’ Network: This incredible resource brings together acting professionals of all types to exchange all kinds of information.
  4. The Actors Voice: Bonnie Gillespie may specialize in casting movies, but she can still dish out the goods on different acting techniques.
  5. Bite-Size Business for Actors: The Actors’ Enterprise hopes to provide affordable classes and coaching for actors in the NYC area, but their blog’s content looks at the business as a whole.
  6. ActorRated.com: Although relatively new when compared to some of the other resources listed here, ActorRated.com’s blog and website both have plenty to offer those wanting to work in theatre and film.
  7. Daily Actor: Whether researching roles for the stage or screen, Daily Actor covers news, trends and perspectives from across the entertainment industry.
  8. Angela Learns to Act: Angela Sauer is currently working on her MFA in acting, and anyone who drops by her blog can pick up on the valuable lessons she learns along the way.
  9. Shakespeare Geek: Though not by an actor, anyone hoping to perform Shakespeare someday really should read up on as much of his plays as possible from someone who genuinely loves and understands them.
  10. The Producer’s Perspective: Anyone wanting to act on or off Broadway should really consider producer Ken Davenport’s expert advice on succeeding in theatre business.

General Performing Arts and Culture

Explore how theatre interacts with other performing and visual arts using these resources as a valuable start.

  1. Walker Art Center Performing Arts Blog: Even theatre, performance art and dance fans unable to make it to Walker Art Center in Minneapolis can still appreciate reading up on the people and trends they hope to promote.
  2. Live Arts & Fringe Festival Blog: Every year, the Live Arts & Fringe Festival introduces performing arts aficionados to some of the most cutting edge playwrights, dancers, actors, musicians and directors working today.
  3. About Last Night: Covering the vibrant art scene of New York, anyone wanting to read up on the latest trends in theatre, opera, dance and other performances would do well to check out this fantastic blog.
  4. Culturebot: A staple of nearly every performing arts-themed blogroll, Culturebot relates the most interesting developments in all things creative.
  5. The Dance Journal: Although based in Philadelphia, The Dance Journal keeps readers abreast on some of the neatest dance trends around.
  6. Arts Beat: The New York Times traces the latest and greatest in theatre, dance, music, film, television and all the other artistic pursuits that feed into them.
  7. Extra Criticum: For an in-depth look at the performing arts scene, the professionals Extra Criticum offer up one of the very best blogs available.
  8. The Feminist Spectator: Jill Dolan may not update her blog as often as some of the other individuals and organizations on here, but her ruminations on women participating and depicted in the performing arts is a provocative read for sociopolitical patrons.
  9. Everything I Know I Learned From Musicals: Musical theatre blends acting, song and dance together into one fabulous production, and Chris Caggiano writes some excellent, intelligent postings on the subject.
  10. Culture Monster: All of the arts inevitably tie into one another, and the Culture Monster blog by The Los Angeles Times does an impeccable job of showcasing this symbiotic relationship.

News and Views

The internet overflows with blogs hot on the heels of the latest trends and reviews, but these particularly stand out.

  1. Economic Revitalization for Performing Artists: Theatre professionals and other performing artists are not exactly known for their financial stability, but they should stay abreast of different motions to help them take care of their basic needs.
  2. Theatre Blog: The Guardian‘s official blog for theatre and performing arts cover the best of the best productions and performances from Broadway, the West End, Edinburgh and beyond.
  3. TCG Circle: Nonprofit theatres band together to discuss the creative, economic and political issues relating to their projects.
  4. The Wicked Stage: As the associate editor of American Theatre, drama critic Rob Weinert-Kendt has plenty of insightful things to say about the performing arts.
  5. theatre notes: Theatre critic Alison Croggon opens up about her own ideas and opinions on drama in Australia and beyond!
  6. The Playgoer: For those who cannot shell out for the hottest new shows on Broadway, The Playgoer provides them with a front-row seat to what works and what stinks.
  7. Blogs at Back Stage: Aspirant actors should stay as informed as possible about the news and trends that impact them the most.
  8. LA STAGE: With particular emphasis on the Los Angeles scene, LA STAGE brings together playwrights, directors, crew members, actors and audiences together in one creative, informative space.
  9. Upstaged: Time Out New York‘s dedicated theatre blog updates readers on the hippest trends and shows going on in the eponymous city, though they do touch on other locations as well.
  10. The Theater Loop: Chris Jones with the Chicago Tribune delves into his city’s thriving, edgy drama scene for the benefit of professionals and aficionados alike.