Hi, all.
The River Valley Studio School is hosting a free seminar for teaching artists, artists who may teach in the future, or for artists that are clueless when thrown into a classroom situation while on tour (we’ve all been there).  It’s a one-day training, held in Spring Green on November 30.  If you are interested, please please register by contacting Heather Terril-Stotts at hstotts@rvschools.org!!  
The seminar will be led by Stuart Stotts, from the Kennedy Center.   And to top it off, lunch will be provided by the dynamic and delicious Bananas on Fire.  When you register, more details will come your way.
Basically, it will be a day to play and ponder.  You can’t say no!  

See info and link below and pass on to all artist friends!

The ABCs of Residencies: An Introductory Workshop for Teaching Artists
The Wisconsin Arts Board and Oneida Nation Arts Program present “The ABCs of Residencies: An Introductory Workshop for Teaching Artists.”  This workshop will cover essential topics for teaching artists who offer residencies and presentations in schools.
River Valley School district, November 30th, 2010.  Please contact Heather Terrill-Stotts for workshop registration: hstotts@rvschools.org
Here a link to the workshop’s site:

If you can make it, don’t pass this up!  And register asap!