Mr. Fletcher, 

Could you please post this?  We’re having a bit of difficulty finding a large enough group of actors. 

Casting Call at Mitchell Hall 385 at UW-Milwaukee Today until 8pm and Sunday 9-Noon.  The building is on the corner of Kenwood and Downer. 

Milwaukee Residents and Performers of all ages, sizes, experience levels and backgrounds are needed for the “Pedestrian Drama” films. We want to represent the culturally and ethnically diverse population of Milwaukee. 

We have a lead role for an African American Actress.
We need children of all backgrounds.

We have a lead role for an elderly couple 
We need dancers and actors and physical performers

We need you to represent Milwaukee. Represent yourself, your neighbors, your friends!

If you’re shy of speaking, no need to worry, there are plenty of silent, but integral parts.

Availablility December 27-30th is desired with later fim dates possible in January.

Audtions Saturday until 8pm and Sunday from 9-12.

Invite your friends! Bring your kids! Feel free to blog about this, tweet the basics, or send out e-mails. We want to get the word out!

Performers will be compensated for their time. 


Kat Danielsen