Bill Yunker is looking for a cast for his commercial.  The details are below and you should contact him directly at  Include a head shot if possible.  Thanks. 


Subject: Palermo”s Casting specs. 

One year buy for all WI markets along with web. 

White family. 

Woman:  Late 30’s to early 40’s  Healthy weight. “cute mom” someone said at the meeting.

Man: Late 30’s through mid 40’s  Can be a little over weight.

Teen: 12-14 years old.  Should be a healthy weight  Pizza doesn’t make you fat…sigh

Kid: 6-8 years old.  Same as teen.


Woman $550.00

Man:    $400.00

Teen: $200.00

Kid: $175.00

Most likely shooting January 13th in the Milwaukee area (still looking for a home) 8 hours for the woman. 4 to 6 hours for the rest.