I don’t want to brag, but Combat Theatre keep getting better and better.  How do I know this Combat will be spectacular?  Well first, we have an enviable group of theatre folk coming together to make 16 new pieces of theatre over the weekend.  64 of Milwaukee’s Finest coming together and working their asses off for one purpose: to make you roll out of your seats.

Secondly, we’re adding a new bit to the Combat line-up.  We’ve been trying to get musician, Don Moore, involved for quite some time now.  He met with us tonight while the writers were picking their Subjects and Locations and he’s doing his own Combat magic;; he’s creating a jingle for each and every piece.

And finally, there are the Subjects and Locations themselves.  I’ll let you use your own imagination to try to figure out how they are paired up, but here’s the list:

Subjects- Cassanova, M. Night Shamalan, Nightmares, Rumplestiltskin, Saint Patric, A Secret Admirer, To Catch a Predator and Underdog.

Locations- A Bee Hive, A Bobsled, A Ghost Town, Harvard, Japan, A Marijuana Farm, The Orient Express and The Salem Witchcraft Trials.

The possibilities boggle the mind.

Combat Theatre

January 14th and 15th at 8:00pm, The Milwaukee Youth Arts Center

325 W. Walnut Avenue


We do it because we can!