My favorite artist, dwellephant, approached me several years back about getting involved in Combat Theatre.  He loved the concept and wanted to get art involved.  I jumped at the chance and that first round one lucky audience member got selected and dwellephant painted a portrait of her as a bunny during the course of that two hour show.  Remarkable.

But not remarkable enough for dwellephant.  He wanted the true Combat experience.  So the next show, and every show since then, he has created sixteen new works of art, one each for the sixteen plays created during the weekend.  He sets up in another room and can only hear what’s going on in the theatre over the monitors.  When the audience learns what the subject and the location of the next play is, that’s the first time dwellephant learns it as well.  He gives himself only the duration of that play to complete the work.

He was able to get pictures of eleven of the sixteen plays he created for this past Combat Theatre and they can be seen here:  The picture posted here was for John Van Slyke’s play, “To Catch a Honey.”  The Subject was To Catch a Predator and the Location was A Bee Hive.  It was directed by Raeleen McMillion and featured the acting styling’s of Eric Westphal, Stacy Hicks, Emmitt Morgans and Karen Estrada.

dwellephant is a big supporter of all the arts in Milwaukee, and we in turn should support him.  Take a moment and visit his website: 

And if you happen to have one of the seven pieces of art dwellephant wasn’t able to capture, take a pic and send it in and we’ll get it posted.