Thanks for your willingness to pass around our info for the actors! Much appreciated. As of right now we plan to put as much of the budget on screen as possible, so no pay up front, but we’re going to be working out a deal where actors get paid in the even the film is sold/makes money.

Synopsis for websites/box art:

Seven hundred miles lie between Charlie and all that he has to live for. All that stands in his way is an apocalyptic viral outbreak, bands of malicious survivors and, perhaps more menacing, his own emotional burdens. Alongside his newfound traveling companions, Charlie must attempt to find a way to break his obsessions with the past, or deal with the consequences of his decisions. He must learn to let it go.

Synopsis from investor proposal:

Dead Weight tells the story of Charlie, a young man from Toledo, OH, who faces a seemingly insurmountable challenge in the search for the love of his life, Samantha. The two have a plan for Charlie to move to Minneapolis, where Samantha has secured a lucrative position at a design firm, which is ruined by a wide-spread biological attack by US political extremists. This attack results in the complete and utter downfall of civilization within the US borders, effectively bringing about suffering and death on an apocalyptic scale. 

Throughout the story a great deal is revealed about Charlie and what he must do to survive alongside his newfound traveling companions. As well as Charlie and Samantha’s love and dedication to one another during their time spent together prior to the viral outbreak. 

Shooting dates: Between April 17 and May 8. 

Open roles:


Elderly male, 60+, medium to heavy build, average height, Intelligent, gentle-natured, grandfather. Retired and living in Sault St. Marie, in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Spent most of his life in the northern midwest. Married to his wife, Ellen, for over 30 years. Has a very strong, voice. A focused man of kindness and experience. Harrison is a calm man who has been able to survive with his wife, and that’s all that matters to him. He simply wishes to share in conversation with fellow peaceful travelers. 


Elderly female, 60+, small to medium build, below average to average heigh, quiet, polite, grandmother. Ellen is the grandmother of all grandmothers, the epitome of a gentle, sweet old lady. Retired and living in Sault St. Marie, in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Spent most of her life in the northern midwest. Married to her husband, Harrison, for over 30 years. 


Middle-aged, medium build. Janelle is a strong woman that doesn’t take crap from anyone. Her idea of going out to dinner is heading down to the pub for a burger and a beer. Although she’s not a girly-girl, she’s certainly not a tom-boy, either. 


Mid-30s, small build. Karen is a mother and nurse. Her son, Mark, is with her through the events of the story. Her husband died prior to the story, but was alive up until the events that forced them apart. She is a gentle person, a kind soul. She is very protective of her son and those she is surviving with. 

Contact information

Adam Bartlett


920 216 6341

John Pata


920 230 3489

Thanks again!