Senator Grothman,

I find your depiction of the protestors in Madison as slobs to be abhorrent.  Democracy doesn’t end after the elections, it’s a constant thing.  That’s because the government at any level is supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people.  When our Wisconsin government stops listening to the people and tries shoving something down our collective throats which was not, by the way, promised in the last election campaign, you leave us no choice but to protest in any way possible.  The fact that you have so little regard for these people and that your group as a whole has turned your back on the people of our state and said you wont listen to them, when you’ve done so despite the fact that the unions have acceded to your demands, that, Senator, is truly shameful.  I am proud to stand behind the protestors at the capitol and if what they are doing offends your olfactory senses as you move between them to make your way into the capitol from which the people of the great state of Wisconsin are being illegally barred, then I suggest it is time for you to stay at home where you will not have to deal with these passionate participants in democracy.  And if that makes those people slobs, then I will gladly take the name slob upon myself.  S.L.O.B.- Stand Liberals Or Bow.

James Fletcher
Milwaukee, WI