“Radio WHT presents Sherlock Holmes” performed at Sunset Playhouse Studio Theatre

A pigmy. A snake. A one-legged man and a pair of shockingly bald identical twins. Sherlock Holmes faces all this and more in “Radio WHT Presents Sherlock Holmes” – a live performance of an original radio drama written by Charles Sommers.  The show is directed by Char Paulbicke and Beth Lewinski and features the acting talent of Randall T. Anderson, Karen Estrada, Tim Higgins, and Jim Owczarski with live sound effects created by Charles Sommers.

Performances are Friday, May 6th and Saturday, May 7th at 7:30 pm, and a Mothers’ Day Matinee on Sunday, May 8th at 3:30 in the studio theatre of the Sunset Playhouse, 800 Elm Grove Rd, Elm Grove, Wisconsin. Tickets are $15.00 and are available at the box office (262-782-4430) or at www.RadioWHT.com.

The timing of the show for Mothers’ Day weekend is no accident. According to Sommers, Wisconsin Hybrid Theater was formed in part to perform plays his own mom would enjoy. “I knew we were on the right track when people would come back to see a show a second time, so that they could bring their mom along.”

Since 2007, Wisconsin Hybrid Theater has delighted audiences with original adaptations of classic stories in their old-time Radio WHT Studio.  Every Radio WHT production begins with a radio script written by Sommers, adapted from the classics. Each actor then creates his or her own unique metacharacter of a radio performer from the era. During the rehearsal process, the cast improvises in character while performing the script “on air.” The final show is a carefully crafted hybrid of tight script work, choreographed mayhem, and occasional ad libs.

The Shepherd Express calls Radio WHT “brilliantly written and directed” and “delightfully inspired silliness” while WMSE says “Radio WHT is the best in the business (anywhere) at writing and producing live radio dramas.”

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