Fools for Tragedy has just finished the very successful run of “In My Mind’s Eye” – to pretty positive remarks. One woman did call it the 7th circle of hell – but here at Fools we will take that as a compliment.

However we don’t just want to stop there – we have some great idea’s for our upcoming season and would love for you to be a part of giving these ideas shape. We will be looking for everybody who can a hand – in whatever way possible. You wanna act? We got room for you… just… y’know… be good at acting. You like lights? We will need tons of lights. If you just want to give us a small amount of money and tell us to do something amazing with it, we would love for you to fill that role.

The Mercutio Story (untitled) – Our next take on Shake – we will be presenting this piece in conjunction with Fresh Page Productions A short but very compelling take on the classic lover’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet. The piece will explore the role of Romeo’s tragic companion in the sweeping Shakespearean epic. We are looking to put this on in an urban/industrial setting so if you are interested in guerilla style theatre – this is the project for you. We are certainly looking for a large and dedicated group of young actors and any aged creative minds to put this together. We would love help on the story-building, creative input on design and whatever you want to throw your hat into. If you just want to see it happen, we can do it without you… you will be missed though.

Waiting (working title) by Jordan Gwiazdowski – The tale of two actors waiting, before their first rehearsal of “Waiting for Godot”, for the arrival of Samuel Beckett. The show will be small, intimate, and very simple in production. This will be a much more traditional stage production with a few fun twists. Again – we are looking for creative minds in general. This show will most likely be pre-cast, but if it is something you are interested in auditioning for, we will most certainly see you.

We have a few other ideas in mind – but we don’t want to spoil them all. Fools will be holding a meeting around the end of September to discuss the future and all of it’s fun possibilities in this city. Want to join us?

Email: jrdngwz@gmail,com

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