Hey Fletch

Patch.com, a hub for community-specific news and information, is currently searching for contributors to its new blogging platform.
The blog platform will be a place where some of the most knowledgeable and creative minds can weigh in on everything that makes our community such an interesting place to live.  Patch is especially interested in connecting with our local arts communities as a source of inspiration and direction for our communities.

So, I’m looking for actors, designers, directors, musicians, dancers, illustrators, photographers, or even art administrators that may be interested, especially who live and/or work in Caledonia, Mount Pleasant, Oak Creek, Greenfield, Greendale, Muskego, or Waukesha. But if you do work regionally (say Racine or Milwaukee) then by all means email me if you are interested!
There are no deadlines or commitments. You can blog as often or as infrequently as you like, in posts short or long. It’s a great way to play a part in the local dialogue on any given topic and make people aware of the work you are creating.

If this peaks your interest, please shoot me an email: michael.cotey@gmail.com


Michael Cotey