Hi Fletcher,
I received this call yesterday – this gentleman needs two actors for Oct 6 – details are below – could you please pass it on to the bunny gumbo list!


Hi Pam,

Thanks for your help. My email is above so that you could send me the Bunny Gumbo Link.

For your info, here is what I sent Ms. Lopez-Rios:
Greetings Ms. Lopez-Rios,

I was referred to you by LeRoy. I work in UITS Creative Services and am looking for actors for five videos we are creating for the School of Social Welfare. Some parts are very simple, others more complex. All are relatively short. All actors need to be over 21, because some of the videos deal with alcohol use (none is portrayed on camera).

For the first video (which does not deal with alcohol), we need two actors to play convenience store clerks. These are paid performers. The dialogue is scripted but flexible, two brief scenes, 30-40 seconds and 20 seconds. To be shot on location on the east side. About an hour of the talent’s time. The two are the only performers, other than a background actor, but the roles for this video are not demanding. Currently, we have the location for October 6th morning. If a strong performer comes through in this, we would likely be interested in having them appear in other videos, but my main focus right now is the first one.

Ideally one male, one female, at least one non-white preferred. Over 21 by end of semester.

Since time is relatively short, whatever you could do to help expedite would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Frank C.
Frank C.

Frank Campenni, Producer/Director
Video & Multimedia Production
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