The year is 1960.  Things are well in America.  We’ve won World War II, survived the Korean War and Vietnam isn’t even on the radar yet.  Jack Kennedy is on the cusp of being elected and leading us into the golden age of Camelot.  CBS seizes upon this season of good will and introduces widower and sheriff Andy Griffith and his son Opie.  Set in the sleepy town of Mayberry North Carolina, Sheriff Andy sets out to clean up…well nothing.  Mayberry is as idyllic a place as you could wish for.  Wisdom is dispensed freely in the barber shop, fish are as fresh and abundant as the good will in the town, and apple pies cool on every windowsill for miles and miles.

Things are perfect in Mayberry…or are they?  Let’s slow that camera down just a wee bit and see what’s really going on.  Wait a minute, what’s that over there?  Is that..yes I believe it is…it’s NAZI’S!  Nazi’s in Mayberry!  For the first time explore what really happened in Mayberry during the Cold War.  It’s Tony Woods’ The Triumph of the Still and it will blow your mind.

Bunny Gumbo presents The Best of Combat Theatre…so far!  Eight of the greatest plays from the last ten years.  One night only, Saturday, December 17th at 8:00pm.  The Milwaukee Youth Arts Center (MYAC) 325 W. Walnut Street (on the corner of Walnut and MLK Drive.)  Tickets for this special benefit are $25 and available at the door only.  You’ll laugh so hard, you’ll grow a little moustache.