There’s a sleepy little community on the east coast where life moves at a different pace.  It’s a little slice of heaven; cookouts, block parties, ice cream socials and everyone knows their neighbors.  The kind of place where doors are left unlocked and bikes are left on the lawn.  Secluded from the rest of the world, the people here don’t have to face the problems of the big city…or do they?

Someone is preying on the children.  There’s a dark secret that has been kept quiet for decades, but now, at long last, the truth is starting to leak out.  A man in this community, a seemingly harmless man with the perfect excuse to be working with children all the time, is not who he seems to be.  And when this secret comes to light it will rock the entire community.  This man must be stopped.  This man is a clown and his name is…



Abhorrent, yes, but dig beneath the surface a little bit and you’ll see that there’s another side to this child-eating clown.  Underneath the grease paint lies a deeply conflicted man, a man in love.  And against all odds his love, Susan, finds herself falling for this clown.  They both want children, but can they face his awful truth or will it tear their world apart?

Doug Jarecki tackles the difficult and all too relevant issue of child-eating clowns in his dark drama, Love Bites, and it can only be seen one place and on one night.


The Bunny Gumbo Theatre Company presents The Best of Combat Theatre…so far!

Saturday, December 17th at 8:00 pm.

The Milwaukee Youth Arts Center (MYAC)

325 W. Walnut Street, on the corner of Walnut and MLK Drive


Tickets for this benefit show are $25 and available at the door only.


Bunny Gumbo: you’ll laugh so hard you’ll sprout a clown nose.


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