“You look ridiculous!”

“I know!”

And you will as well if you miss tonight’s show!  It’s The Best of Combat Theatre…so far! and it happens tonight, Saturday, December 17th at 8:00 pm, The Milwaukee Youth Arts Center, 325 W. Walnut Street.  And if you have a valid student ID you’ll pay ony 10 bucks.  10 smackers for 9 of the most entertaining plays you’ll ever see.

Plus you have the opportunity to bid on all sorts of great swag.  There’s plenty to choose from, but my money’s on The Ultimate Kennedy Experience.  Combatant Robert W.C. Kennedy takes you to see a fight, makes you Mint Juleps before the Kentucky Derby, takes you on a booze cruise and has one additional special item for you.

These plays will be seen this one last time before they’re locked in the vault forever, so get on it!

For more info go to www.bunnygumbo.com