Don’t miss this year’s winter installment of Carte Blanche Studios’ NORTH AMERICAN NEW PLAYS FESTIVAL Winter 2012. 16 brand new plays from across the continent will be produced, directed and performed by the Carte Blanche Stage Company. Each play will be shown four times over the course of two weekends. One show tickets, mini passes and full festival passes are available and on sale now on our website at


Thursday, January 19     Night     Block 2
Friday, January 20         Night     Block 1
Saturday, January 21     Day       Block 1
Saturday, January 21     Night     Block 3
Sunday, January 22       Day       Block 2
Sunday, January 22       Night     Block 3

Thursday, January 26     Night     Block 3
Friday, January 27         Night     Block 1
Saturday, January 28     Day       Block 3
Saturday, January 28     Night     Block 2
Sunday, January 29       Day       Block 1
Sunday, January 29       Night     Block 2

Night (Day)
Block 1
7:30 (2:00) Abstinence by Alex Dremann (PA)
Directed By Adam White
8:00 (2:30) P.E. by Douglas Williams (NY)
Directed by Paul Matthew Madden
8:30 (3:00) Shall We by Jeff Stolzer (NY)

Directed by Laura Holterman
9:00 (3:30) In Todd We Trust by Paul M. Madden (WI)
Directed by Bo Johnson
9:30 (4:00) God Knows by Elly Rakowitz & Ruth Pleva (FL)
Directed by Mike Keiley

Block 2
7:30 (2:00) Package Deal by C.J. Ehrlich (NY)
Directed by Jerome Maywald
8:00 (2:30) Bogey and a Dame by Jaqueline Golfinger (PA) &
Bar Car Reverie by Nina Mansfield (CT)
Directed by Rick Frecska
8:45 (3:15) A Day in a Life by Emily Craig (WI)
Directed by John Baiocchi
9:15 (3:45) Das Boots by G.E. Smith (TX)

Directed by Dylan Zalewski
9:45 (4:15) Snip By Michael Weems (TX)

Directed by Clayton Hamburg

Block 3
7:30 (2:00) An Unfamiliar Waltz by Trace Crawford (OH)
Directed by Josh Devitt
8:15 (2:45) A Two-Part Intervention by John Jabaley (CA)
Directed by John Baiocchi
8:45 (3:15) Emergency Room by Jeff Stolzer (NY)

Directed by Peter Smith
9:30 (4:00) American Hero by Tom Christy (WI)
Directed by Adrian Feliciano
10:00 (4:30) Purgatory by Rose Spice-Kopischke (WI)

Directed by Reva Fox

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