WHAT: The Freaks of Ordinary Time by local author Matthew Konkel will have a staged reading at MARN (Milwaukee Artists Resource Network)

WHEN: Monday February 27th 7:00pm

WHERE: Milwaukee Artists Resource Network is located at 5407 W. Vliet Street

COST: Free!

SYNOPSIS: One year after his parents died, Artemis Williams was asked by his siblings to leave his Wisconsin home and attend college as far away as possible. Six years later, socially challenged and estranged from his family, Artemis is still an undergraduate at an east coast university. He wants to perfect his original invention, a combination knife and fork called the Knork, and wishes more than anything to one day return to his family.

In Artemis’ boardinghouse he is a continual irritation for his two housemates, con artists Jigg Bells and Emily Sands. When Jigg and Emily learn of the death of Artemis’ brother and the large insurance settlement, they offer to drive Artemis home for the funeral. Artemis believes the offer is out of friendship, but Jigg and Emily only hope to scam the insurance money from him as soon as he gets it.

Part road-trip movie and part grifter story, The Freaks of Ordinary Time is a rich comedic drama about family, friendship and reconciliation. It’s also a story about the freakish traits inside us all and how the bonds we create with others helps us to discover ourselves.

Written By: Matthew Konkel
Directed By:
Dana Gustafson
Allie Beckmann, Megan Kaminsky, Evan Koepnick, Nate Press, Jason Waszak

The reading is absolutely FREE of charge, open to the public and will include a post-read Q&A with the author, director and actors.

For more information contact: sonja.rein@gmail.com