Looking for three adult actors – two males and one female – to star alongside several very talented Marquette University students and alums in one of this year’s most promising Marquette Film Festival shorts, The Darkling. Set in the late 1950s and inspired by the works of Rod Serling, Alfred Hitchcock, and David Lynch, this 30-page short centers around the murder of a beloved high school student in small town America. When two FBI agents are brought in to investigate the crime, everyone becomes a suspect, and no one is below throwing their friends and neighbors under the bus to save their own skin.


The film will be shot primarily at Miss Katie’s Diner on 1900 W. Clybourn St., Milwaukee, and production will begin in mid-March. The parts we are looking to fill are as follows:


Special Agent Dwight Farley (30s-40s): A hard-nosed FBI agent with sharp instincts and an even sharper tongue. As the more experienced of the two Special Agents assigned to young Carey Horner’s case, Farley often finds himself playing Dr. Watson to newbie partner McPherson’s Holmes.


Howard Horner (40s-50s): The teenage murder victim’s loudmouthed father. When his daughter turns up dead, Howard makes it his mission to nail her hoodlum boyfriend, Dana Drayton, to the proverbial cross, often interfering with the investigation in the process.


Lillian Horner (40s-50s): Howard Horner’s passive wife, as well as teenage murder victim Carey’s mother. Meek and submissive, Lillian often follows the lead of her husband and young daughter, Judy. However, when the case heats up, she finds her voice, casting doubt on the very family she set out to protect.


If you have any interest in auditioning for our film, please contact Cassandra Jaskulski (screenwriter, actress) at cassandra.jaskulski@mu.edu.