Dear Fletch,

Sorry for the late notice. Yes, of course Wisconsin Hybrid Theater is going to have a Mothers’ Day Show. “Radio WHT presents the Invisible Man” runs this Friday and Saturday (7:30) and Sunday (Mothers’ Day at 3pm) and again next Friday and Saturday (7:30) at the Alchemist Theatre.  The cast is as strong as ever: Jack Farwell (Randall T. Anderson), Ira Hampton (Jim Owczarski), Deb Burnham (Beth Lewinski), and Joan Van Buren (Sammi Dittloff). I am back on sound-effects (as Chris Knapp) and co-directing with Vince Figueroa & the cast.  Info and tickets at

Charles Sommers

Wisconsin Hybrid Theater 

Wisconsin Hybrid Theater (RadioWHT) performs original adaptations of late 19th century stories in a mid 20th century medium for an early 21st century audience and their mom.