Over Our Head Players will present Theatre/Schmeatre, original sketch comedy, beginning June 8.  These original sketches will be performed at Sixth Street Theatre, Downtown Racine, for a limited run June 8 – 16.  Fridays are at 7:00 and 9:00, Saturdays are at 5:30 and 8:00, and the Thursday, June 14 performance is at 7:00.  There are no Sunday performances.  Reservations are available through the box office, (262)632-6802.  Tickets are $15.50.

Theatre/Schmeatre is a multi-media evening of short, unrelated original comedies written by Over Our Head Players.  In the tradition of Second City, OOHPs’ sketches promise lots of silliness and satire.  Some sketches will definitely be topical, with a few local references, as well.  Although sketch comedy by definition uses a minimum of technical elements, the theatre will be filled with laughs and surprises.  Sketch comedy differs from improv because it is scripted, but it is also very spontaneous. No two performances of Theatre/Schmeatre will be the same.  Every show will also feature live performances by some of the area’s finest musicians.  Over Our Head Players is known for its commitment to original comedy, and the popularity of the Snowdance Festival between-show hijinx suggests that Theatre/Schmeatre will again be a very hot ticket.

Artistic Director Rich Smith, who also leads Theatre / Schmeatre, describes the experience, “Schmeatre is an idea born from sketch comedy shows some of us have enjoyed in Chicago store front theatres and influenced by ‘Saturday Night Live.’  We love that our audience has taken to sketch comedy.  Theatre / Schmeatre is a spontaneous, yet rehearsed, evening of adult fun and music.”

Michael Becker, a veteran member of the Schmeatre ensemble known for the Racine News, sums up the experience for both company and audience:  “Theatre / Schmeatre has an energy unlike any other show. It’s like theatre without a safety net.”

In homage to the format of Saturday Night Live, each Theatre/Schmeatre performance will include live music from some of the area’s most popular musicians.  Scheduled acts include UnTrained Laymen, The Smiler Grogan Case, Donoma, Katie Lafond, and Katie Todd.

The Theatre/Schmeatre acting ensemble features John Adams, Michael Becker, Patti Cleary, Cody A. Ernest, Brandy Harrell, Eric Houghton, Christy Maiwald, Joan Roehre, Ron Schulz, Jim Selovich, and Rich Smith.  Additional sketch contributors are Michael Johnson and the good people at College Humor, and additional video production is by Preston Hill.

The production staff also includes Joseph Piirto, Paula Ann Czechowicz, Jerry Horton, Diane Carlson, Tom Spraker, and Janine Anderson.

Theatre/Schmeatre runs weekends June 8, 9 and June 14, 15, 16.  Performances are Fridays at 7:00 and 9:00, Saturdays at 5:30 and 8:00, and Thursday June 14 at 7:00.  Tickets are $15.50.   For reservations, please call the box office, (262)632-6802.  Performances are at the Sixth Street Theatre, 318 Sixth Street, Racine.  Advance reservations are recommended.

Theatre/Schmeatre is sponsored by Waterford Design Technologies.

Over Our Head Players is a non-profit organization of volunteer talent; they operate the Sixth Street Theatre in Downtown Racine.  Theatre / Schmeatre closes their 20th season