David Cecsarini sent me this letter and I reprint it here with his permission.  I’ve been out of town and missed this whole affair, but folks, this kind of thing makes my blood boil, and given the current climate and recent events, it makes me fearful of which way we’re stumbling in this country.  I’m quite certain that no one who is up in arms about this production has even bothered to read the play.  Please read, speak up and support this venture.  I’ll post more information as I receive it.


Hi Fellow Travelers,

Perhaps you’ve picked up on the scuttlebutt about the radio preacher throwing an airwaves fit over The Reduced Shakespeare’s THE BIBLE: THE COMPLETE WORD OF GOD (abridged).  It was to be staged at SummerStage’s Delafield venue, Lapham Peak State Park, until preacher man riled up his base, they made calls — board members, pols — and the DNR, who controls the venue, caved in to the “pressure,” found a loophole and pulled the permission.

Another venue in Delafield was chosen, but the callers worked their special magic here as well, so, no go.  I know…it sounds like a joke.  But it’s not.

It looks like the show may come downtown to In Tandem’s Tenth Street Theatre, running August 31 – September 16.  That decision will be made very soon.

This link will bring you to a Tom Strini article for more background, and maybe inspiration.


I think you all know how lightweight the Reduced script is.  I find it absolutely frightening that such public-opinion censorship can occur, so swiftly and inexorably, over a piece that’s lighter-than-air and just for fun.  What might happen when we produce something that actually merits attention because it does indeed take on controversial subject matter?

I believe we all have a stake in this, as producers, as artists and as citizens.

If and when the show goes on — and I think it will — perhaps the best thing we can do is to inform our patrons and give them the opportunity and encouragement to support the production.  Why not deliver a palpable answer to this sort of mass media bullying in box office terms?

As artists in this consumerist society, we must continually prove or speak up for the relevance of our vision and the work it generates.  Taking unified action to stand up for one of our own against censorship and ignorance, seems a pretty relevant cause.

What think you?

Best regards,

David C.

David A. Cecsarini
Producing Artistic Director