Hey there Bunny Gumbo fans,


I left my desk tonight at 6:55 pm, joined my friend Jonathan Smoots in the Next Act lobby, and then watched a great show in our space.


Produced by the Chicago Commercial Collective, A STEADY RAIN  boasts a taut script by Keith Huff, terrific direction by Russ Tutterow, and just kick-ass acting by the boys, Randy Steinmeyer and Peter DeFaria.  These guys originated the show back in 2008, well before it went to Broadway, and you can understand how it caught New York’s attention.


This is simple story telling and you can’t fake that.  These guys summon all the rhythms, the interplay, the soul-searching and tortured truth-telling up from their inner depths. The connections forged between actors, audience and script are so strong that no moment goes by unfilled.  It’s the essence of engaging theatre.  I’ll let the Chicago Trib speak now because they use better adjectives: “A gritty, rich, thick, poetic and entirely gripping noir tale.”  Yeah, that’s what it is.


A STEADY RAIN could be called a cop drama, but it’s really a friend drama in the deepest sense of that idea.  It’s a complex story of loyalty being put to the test by human weakness, an epic and personal struggle between reality and the ideal.


The kicker is, though, that it’s only here this week.  Thursday through Sunday, October 25 – 28 will be the only opportunity to hear this story told so well.  It would be a shame to miss.  The Next Act website has the schedule.  414-278-0765 for tickets and information.  Or just come to the door.


Best regards,

David Cecsarini