Last show is at 2:00 tomorrow.


Hey Folks,

I’ve got a fervent, last-minute request for your help —

A STEADY RAIN by Keith Huff, (at the Next Act space) has 3 tickets sold for their closing matinee Sunday.

That’s really a shame, because these guys deserve an audience.

It’s an excellent, contemporary script with tight performances — 95 minutes well-spent in the theatre.

The show is produced by a small, upstart company out of Chicago.  They’re trying to develop some new collaborative relationships outside of their city.  But they could use a bit more help.

Mike Fischer’s Milw. J/S review link is here —

They’ve currently got a $20 industry ticket available.  By tomorrow, it may be less.

Please call the Next Act box office and see.  414-278-0765.

I understand we all have priorities and our resources can be limited.  Surely, though, there must be 20, or even 100, inquisitive souls out there who can give 2 hours tomorrow in support of good theatre.  It could be better than hiding from the Trick-or-Treaters at home!


Best regards,

David C.

David A. Cecsarini
Producing Artistic Director

P.O. Box 394
Milwaukee, WI  53201

Admin:      414-278-7780     
Box Offc:  414-278-0765
Fax:          414-278-5930