Who Killed Santa? is back for 2012. You are very special to us, so you get the secret discount code.

Enter the pass code “eggnog12” when ordering your tickets online and receive $2 off the ticket price. www.whokilledsanta.com Cash and check only at the door. Credit cards can be used only online.

We also have a Pay-What-You Can night on December 26th.  Tickets at the door only. No advance sales.

We run Dec 14-30 at Carte Blanche Studios in the Fifth Ward. Carte Blanche has a fun, welcoming bar attached to its theatre space. Drinks can be taken to your seats. It’s a great night out for family, co-workers, dates, and friends.

Other fun things that are new this year:

1. Tiny Tim has a new scarf!

2. Brittany McDonald!

3. More puppet violence!

Please visit our website for more info. You can order tickets, see a new preview clip of the show, and more!


Last year, most of our shows sold out. Please get your tickets early!

In this hilarious and irreverent send-up, Santa is hosting his annual holiday party attended by the usual holiday favorites: Frosty, Tiny Tim, The Little Drummer Boy, and Rudolph, who all have a bone to pick with Santa. After the introduction of the sexy new Little Drummer Girl, tempers flare, and Santa ends up with a candy cane through the heart. No one will confess, no one can leave, and Christmas is in jeopardy. As the tension builds, a couple of incompetent detectives enter the scene, and all the dirty secrets of these iconic holiday characters are revealed. Eventually, with the help of the audience, the murderer is convicted and sentenced.

Who Killed Santa? is an alternative, adult, show featuring parodies of holiday songs, and four possible endings determined by which suspect the audience accuses, and gratuitous puppet violence.

We recommend it for ages 16+. Don’t bring the kiddies.

See you at the show!