The holidays will soon be a thing of the past and there’s a long winter still ahead of us until the spring.  Wouldn’t you like to see the Bunny before then?  Come on, you know you want to.  Stop lying.  Seriously, just stop, you’re embarrassing yourself.  Hop on over to the Waukesha Civic Theatre for an evening of Combat Theatre…Boot Camp Style!

We’ve taken the concept of Combat Theatre and put it into the hands of young performers from local high school.  Now in its 8th season, Combat Boot Camp challenges these 50 young performers to write, direct and act these plays in just over 24 hours.  And due to the success of the show we’ve been able to expand the production to 8 plays.  But you can only catch this fabulous show on one night, and then it’s gone forever.  Saturday, January 5th at 7pm.  Tickets are only $8 for students, $10 for big kids.

For more information including how to get involved, visit:

Bunny Gumbo; we do it because we can!