THREE DAYS OF RAIN by Richard Greenberg

Carte Blanche Studios would like to announce its next play of the 2012/2013 season,


No matter how much evidence or how many artifacts we may have, do we ever really know what happened in the past? And do we ever truly know our parents? A notebook entry, a will… Act I of Richard Greenberg’s play Three Days of Rain explores the strained yet loving relationship between siblings Walker and Nan and their family friend Pip, while they attempt in vain to find some sense in the confusing will left to them dividing the spoils of their fathers’ wildly successful architecture firm, and figure out what really happened between their parents. Act II transports us back in time to 1960 and allows us to see the same actors playing their parents thirty-five years earlier, in a happier time, unraveling for us the darkened mystery of the two families’ intertwining puzzle.


Richard Greenberg is considered to be one of the leading playwrights of our day, having had several plays produced on Broadway, most notably ”Take Me Out,” his 2002 script for which he won a Tony Award for Best Play. Both “Take me Out” and “Three Days of Rain” have led him to be a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Drama. His witty, biting, and truthfully humorous depictions of middle-class American life have been the subject of more than 25 plays that premiered on and off-Broadway in New York City and eight at Los Angeles’ South Coast Repertory Theatre, including The Violet Hour, Everett Beekin, and Hurrah at Last.


January 18, 19, 20 (Friday-Sunday)

24*, 25, 26, 27 (Thursday-Sunday)

Fridays and Saturdays @ 7:30pm, Sundays @ 6pm at Carte Blanche Studios (1024 S. 5th St. 53204)

*Thursday, January 24th is a 7:30pm Pay What You Can performance.


Featuring: Nathanael Press, Rebecca Segal, and Matt Wickey. Directed by Bo Johnson.