Smithereen Productions announces auditions for the play Spike Heels by Theresa Rebeck.

Spike Heels is a two act play about Andrew, struggling writer and college professor, who takes in working-class Georgie  as  his  “student”  of  the  proper  ways  of  modern  middle-class society while simultaneously falling in love with  her.  Andrew’s  friend  Edward,  a  hot-shot lawyer who took Georgie on as a secretary as a favor to Andrew, falls for her as well but in a more…aggressively sexual way, ensnaring himself and Georgie in an incident of harassment and power play in the workplace. This untraditional love triangle makes room for a fourth with the entrance  of  Lydia,  Edward’s  ex  and  Andrew’s  fiancée,  and  thus  Georgie’s…foe…or  maybe  her  ally?  Lines  are   blurred in this intense dark comedy full of fast-paced dialogue rife with  “stinging  one  liners”  (N.Y.  Daily  News)  and   “tart  wit”  (Time).  In  the  playwright’s words,  this  is  a  retelling  of  “the  Pygmalion  story  with  contemporary,  comic   and sinister spin,”  exploring  the  complicated  confusion of modern-day relationships and challenging the American sexual status-quo.


April 18th, 19th, 20th, 25th*, 26th, 27th,  2013

All performances @ 7pm @ The Underground Collaborative
*Thursday, April 25th will be a Pay What You Can performance


Monday, February 4th

Tuesday, February 5th

6pm-9pm @ Comedy Sportz.   Open auditions.  Walk-in only.

Call-Backs will be Wednesday, February 6th.

Actors are asked to come with 1-2 prepared contemporary monologues that total no more than 3 minutes. If you are unable to prepare a monologue you may email Mary Baird at to be emailed an excerpt from the script (though prepared monologues are preferred).  Please bring a current headshot and resume.

If you are interested in auditioning but are unable to attend the above dates, please email Rebecca Segal at to arrange an alternative time.


GEORGIE- Born on the “wrong” side of the tracks, she is the only one from her family to move to the city and acquire a job with which to support herself and separate herself from her roots. She is finding quickly that maybe the American Dream is not all it’s cut out to be, and sometimes being polite still only has as much pull as being seductive. Sassy and witty, hot-tempered and on a short fuse, she is also sincerely trying to educate herself and become a more well-read, well-rounded person– at the risk of becoming integrated into white-collar society, and working for and dealing with the “guys in suits.”

ANDREW- Sensitive, sweet, cautious, a thinker. Professor of political philosophy, a reader, a heartfelt elitist of sorts. He loves and respects women and sees them (he likes to believe) as the people they are, not the objects they are so often told they are. A misguided altruist at heart, and engaged to be married to Lydia, he struggles with his desire of sensual, hot-tempered Georgie.

EDWARD- Hot-shot criminal defense lawyer. Self-important, reactionary, and overtly aware of his own intelligence and success, but ultimately still human. Deeply flawed, but human. Enjoys provoking others for the sake of reaction, and argues–aggressively– until he wins like any good lawyer should.

LYDIA- Andrew’s fiancee, and thus The Scorned Woman to Georgie’s “other woman.” While we hear nothing but insults about her appearance and her character throughout Act I, Act II reveals a betrayed woman with a hardened exterior, but who underneath it all is kind-hearted and discovers the alliance with fellow women to outweigh the sexual alliance with men.

For questions or more information, please email Rebecca Segal at