Dark Play

Produced by Pink Banana Theater Co.
Directed by Luke Erickson
Assistant Directed by Grace DeWolff

Production Dates: November 1st – 16th
Audition Dates: July 20th & 21st from 11:00am – 5:00pm

Location: The Underground Collaborative -On the Lower Level inside Grand Avenue Mall, Plankinton Arcade building at 161 W Wisconsin Ave.

Please prepare a contemporary monologue that runs no longer than 1.5 minutes. Readings from the script will also be available. Resume and headshot are encouraged but not required.

Sign up for your audition slot at www.pinkbananatheatre.com

The Story: During a college sexual encounter, the girl in Nick’s bed wants to know why his abdomen is covered in scars. Does Nick tell the truth, or does he do what he does so well—weave an elaborate tale? The question launches him into a memory, back to 2003. An outsider at age fourteen, Nick discovers the intoxicating pleasures of inventing fake personalities in the chat rooms of the World Wide Web. Adam’s online profile, and the words “I want to fall in love,” pique his curiosity. Nick invents Rachel, the girl of Adam’s dreams, and his curiosity becomes obsession. As Adam mounts the pressure to meet his Internet love in the real world, Nick creates ever more elaborate deceptions to fuel Adam’s desire. When the boys finally meet in the real world, the consequences are catastrophic. A tale of deception, fluid personality and sexual license in the Internet age, Dark Play examines what happens when the real world and virtual world collide.

Nick: An inquisitive, charismatic, and manipulative 14 year old anti-hero who desires to find out what love is but ends up making choices that send him down a very different path. A gifted storyteller. Possesses the duality of an obsessive neediness to be loved and a heartless desire to control. Always one step ahead.

Rachel/Molly: Rachel is Nick’s virtual invention. A young, sweet but conflicted avatar created to entice Adam. Hilary Duff, Avril Lavigne, and Natalie Portman rolled into one. Molly is Nick’s real life girlfriend in the present. She’s confused.

Adam: The All American 16 year old caught in Nick’s web of lies. Lonely, idealistic, easy to manipulate, and determined to fall in love with the girl of his dreams. Starts happy, well-adjusted, and naïve only to become broken, frightened, and increasingly unhinged.

Female Netizen: Plays multiple characters throughout including an over-the-top drama teacher, Nick’s concerned mother, and an assertive FBI agent.

Male Netizen: Plays multiple characters throughout including a chat room perv, a FF4M personal ad, and an abusive stepfather.

Contains mature content. All actors must be 18 years of age or older.

Sign up for an audition slot at www.pinkbananatheatre.com

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