Hey Fletch – 

I’m looking for extras for a web series in Madison. It’s based off the famous book “The Ethical Slut” and has the same title. Here is the Indiegogo page. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-ethical-slut-season-2 

We are in need of extras for multiple days. It is a SAG production, so if you know of anyone that would like the opportunity to get a voucher towards membership, this is a great way to do it. There are limited SAG vouchers available, so depending on how many people sign up, it’s not 100% guaranteed, but we’re confident that it won’t be an issue.  

Below is the info for what we’re looking for. If you know of anyone who is willing to travel to Madison for this kind of opportunity, please pass the word around. Thanks! Hope you are well 🙂


**Please RSVP to Stephanie Richards steph.richards13@gmail.com 616-821-6232. Indicate which location and time you would like to participate in. Thanks! 

Date: Sunday, Sept. 22nd, 6:45pm

Location: Ale Asylum (2002 Pankratz Street, Madison)

Attire: Street wear 


Date: Monday, Sept. 23, 6:45pm

Location: A Woman’s Touch (302 S. Livingston, Madison)

Attire: street wear (women only)


Date: Wednesday, Sept. 25th, 11am

Location: The Inferno Nightclub (1718 Commercial Ave, Madison)

Attire: fetish costume (lacy corset, dominatrix gear, banana suit)



Date: Sunday, Sept 29th, 5pm

Locatiom: Goodman Center (149 Waubesa St., Madison)

Attire: soup kitchen line TBA



Date: Sunday, Sept 29th, 6:30pm

Location: Goodman Center (same as above)

Attire: your normal work clothes for Parent Teacher meeting