Hi there!

Would you please share this call for teaching artists with your Bunny Gumbo
community? We’d really appreciate it! FYI we are seeking experienced teachers
first; the dancing can actually be learned.

Thanks for your consideration,


Elyse Cohn
Director of Development & PR
Danceworks, Inc.
1661 N. Water Street
Milwaukee, WI  53202
(414) 277-8480, ext. 6014

From: Rachel Payden
Sent: Tuesday, October 29, 2013 2:40 PM
To: Rachel Payden
Subject: MHBT Teachers and Assistants!

Dear Danceworks Staff and Faculty,

Would someone you know be a great addition to the Mad Hot Ballroom and Tap (MHBT) team as a lead faculty member or assistant this year?  Danceworks MHBT will be dancing with students grades 4-6 in 50 schools this coming February-May!
Mandatory training sessions for the program begin in December at Danceworks.

Please help us spread the word in classes, with colleagues and in the community when you can!  I attached a Danceworks Outreach Faculty Interest Form here, which can be shared and returned to me.  It’s also helpful when prospective teachers send along their resumes.

I wanted to keep this short and sweet, but if anyone has questions regarding
program specifics I’m happy to be in touch by phone or email.

Thank you for your help—

Rachel Payden
Outreach Director
Danceworks, Inc.
414.277.8480 ext. 6012

2013-14 Outreach Faculty Interest Form

Danceworks Outreach Programs:

  • Intergenerational Multi-Arts Program (IMAP)—programming runs October-mid January with required training dates in September. In-school hours required working with elementary age students and seniors in visual arts or movement.

  • Mad Hot Ballroom and Tap (MHBT)—programming runs for 12 weeks (24 sessions; 1 hour 2x/week) February-competition in mid-May with required training dates in December and January. Primarily in-school hours, some after school hours.

  • Residencies—programming can take place at anytime throughout the year in schools or community sites. Classes may be one time workshops or extend to span several weeks, months or the entire school year.  In and after school hours.

(visit our website www.danceworksmke.org for additional program info!)

Name:Today’s Date:

Phone Number: Email Address:

  1. This year I am interested in teaching/assisting(circle one or both) for the following outreach programs from those listed above:

What outreach program are you most interested in being a part of?

  1. What style/discipline are you most comfortable teaching/assisting?

In addition to that, what other kinds of classes are you comfortable teaching/assisting?

  1. What age group(s) do you prefer working with?

  1. What do you consider to be your strengths in the classroom?

  1. What do you feel like you would like to develop as an artist?

  1. How would you best describe your weekly availability for Danceworks outreach teaching?

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