I can think of few organizations that do so much good for so many.  Please consider making a donation and please help to spread the word.


Hey folks-

The First Stage Young Company Shakespeare team (of which I am the founder and “Coach’)   is again hard at work preparing for its annual fundraiser, the Bard-o-thon. They are raising funds to support a cross country trip to the Utah Shakespeare Festival High School Acting competition to compete against 3000 competitors from 9 states(which, though we don’t do it for trophies, they have placed FIRST in 3 of the past 6 years). Last year their large group scene, in addition to placing first was selected to perform at the special showcase of excellent work and was met with hundreds of teenagers leaping to their feet in standing ovation.To prove their worthiness to return, they are going to perform as many consecutive Shakespeare monologues as they can on April 26th. Their goal is 450 monologues and all 154 sonnets. They are a special group of young folks and so I’m helping them in their fund raising. This is my one charity e-mail ask of the year. If you don’t think it’s right for you or just isn’t a charitable priority for you, no worries. But I am writing to set an example for my students of the importance of soliciting donations for worthy causes. And I do believe that this is a worthy cause. If you can offer any amount, my fundraising page is :


Thanks for considering. Also; PLEASE share and/or forward this to anyone who might be interested in supporting this effort! Thanks again.


John Maclay
Associate Artistic  Director/ Director of the Young Company