Hello Parents,


My name is Chad Halvorsen and I am a video Producer at Flipeleven Creative located in downtown Milwaukee. Next Friday andSaturday (April 18th and 19th) alongside local film industry professionals, we are filming 5 music videos for five local bands: Grace Weber, Vic and Gab, Victor DeLorenzo, Jon Chi, and Volcano Choir. Everything is being donated: crew, equipment, even the sound stage has been generously donated by RDI Stages in South Milwaukee. Food, snacks, and drinks will be provided for all the hard work.


Below is a casting notice for Jon Chi’s video. The Director, Michael Marten, has a Peter Pan look that requires a good amount of young actresses. If you are interested, read Michael’s comments below. Hopefully we’ll see a bunch of smiling faces next Saturday. We’re hoping to have this cast by Tuesday Morning. So please, if interested, send a description of work and a head shot ASAP.


Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please call/text me at 262-818-0373. Or email me at chad@flipeleven.com.


-Chad Halvorsen

P.S. We’re also looking for someone to play a wise older gentleman, and a mother. If you know anybody interested, please send them my way. Thank You so much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.


Preferred clothing palette: black, Goldenrod, burnt yellow, red
Secondary colors: pink, light minty teal.
No small patterns. No orange. No purple.


The Lost Girls – a tribe of girls inspired by Peter Pan’s lost boy that mirror their leaders wild desires and sentiments for fun and an unruliness. They represent the energy and defiance of youth. They will be running around in a tribal fashion, shouting in unison, wiping war paint on each others faces, and throwing household items such as ladles, brooms, wooden spoons, and ribbons. They will be dressed as though they dressed themselves after living without adults in an abandoned suburban home for years (without ever aging, similar to the lost boys use of nature and forest inspired clothing and armor) These girls will have wild hair styles inspired by tribal aesthetics.

Mixing strange clothing choices is best (like a girl trying to be her own super hero.)Ideally the girls wear black and two colors within the desired palette. ideally they are cloths that can get (washable) face paint on them.

It would be ideal to have these girls between 10:30 and 5 with breaks in between.


Lead Girl – Around 12 years. Any striking features. Blue eyes and fair skinned (helps with the pale, desaturated infinite white look on opening scenes.)

She will be acting as two personalities. The first will be a bored girl in a uptight outfit (obviously prepared by her controlling mother, school uniform-esque) Who is looking for some chaos in her life and is sick of being told what to do by adults. She will be sitting on a pillow looking bored as a narrator attempts to share his wisdom with her.

The second of her characters is the embodiment of her inner desires to cause excitement and chaos in her own interpretation of this world. She will be the leader of a band of roaming girls that act as an army against all things proper and regimented. She will have colorful war paint on her face and shout orders to her tribe while leading them through a forest/domestic household hybrid that exists as a smattering of her untamed imagination.

It would be ideal to have this lead with us from 10:00 to 7 with many breaks in between. If this is not possible, 10:30- 5 will still be an effective range.


 – This character has a very brief appearance as she leads the main girl onto the scene by the hand and sits her down to hear a lesson. She will most likely be shot walking with a close up of the feet (in heels) and a side view fro the neck down (in something business like expected from a stiff professional adult).



The Old Man – As wise and weathered as possible, with a pleasant, happy face. A beard is a plus. Grey/ white hair is a big plus. He will be dressed in a bright cloth or cloak over some neutral undergarments, similar to that of a wizard. He will represent wisdom and hindsight. He will be shot with close ups on a smiling face. He will eventually disappear and only his cloak, cane and hat will remain to suggest his death or exit from the imaginary world.
It would be ideal to have this character between 11:00 and 5 but will be filmed for a relatively short time.




Chad L Halvorsen


(262) 818-0373