Additional auditions for PSYCHO BEACH PARTY at Theatre Unchained. Tuesday June 1, 7:30-9 Theatre Unchained, 1024 S 5th Street

Milwaukee, WI 53204.  (414) 391-7145 Performs July 11-27


Chicklet:  Skinny, perky 15-year-old high school girl (modeled after “Gidget”, originally played by Sandra Dee) who is determined to learn to surf even though it is a male-dominated sport.   A traumatic experience in her past has given her a multiple personality disorder where she “transforms” into other people, including an evil dominatrix and a grocery store clerk.

*** Originally written to be played by a male in drag, but open to either a female or male in the role.  If a female is cast, we will obviously cut the “topless” scene. Demanding role: Must be able to shift quickly and comically between Chicklet’s many multiple personalities.

Star Cat:  Handsome male surfer and former psychology student. Dropped out of college to follow his true calling, being a beach bum. Becomes Chicklet’s love interest.

Berdine:  Chicklet’s best friend. Female. Spunky and hopelessly nerdy intellectual. Not a “beach body”. Narrates parts of the play through her diary entries.

Mrs. Forrest:  Chicklet’s mother. Based on Joan Crawford (watch clips of “Mommy Dearest”). Harshly protective, controlling and more than a little insane. *** Leaning toward a male in drag for this role, but open to either sex.

Bettina Barnes:  Female, glamorous B-movie star of cheesy horror movies. Hiding out at the beach after running away from the set of her latest film. Longs to be considered a “serious actress”.

Kanaka:  Male, Big Kahuna and surfing guru. Think Patrick Swayze in “Point Break”.

Marvel Ann:  Sexy high school chick with a stuck-up attitude. A real man-eater. ***Can be played by a female or a male in drag.

Yo-Yo:  Male surfer, amateur chef and hairstylist. Best friends with Provoloney.

Provoloney:  Scrappy male surfer with hidden screenwriting ambitions. Best friends with Yo-Yo.