Master Class Iannone

Master Class is showing for one more weekend at the Broadway Theatre Center and you should attend.  Not only is the play exquisitely penned, but you are unlikely to see a better portrayal of Maria Callas in this lifetime or any other.  Angela truly puts herself out there each and every performance.  I would expect no less than such professionalism from her on any show, but let’s be frank, most performances do not require such an effort.  And I’m quite certain that her first Callas, eight productions in the past, was grand, but having lived with this same character over the course of the years has raised her performance to the rarified air of the sublime.  Think about it: to be able to revisit such a character over and over again, to bring the experience of all those years and productions into this one, we should all be so lucky to have such an opportunity.


You may think that I am drifting into the realm of hyperbole, but unless you see the show you will never know.  I am not given to false praise and I can only assure you that I am giving none here.  And you may never get another chance to see her in such a production.  If she reprises it again it’s unlikely to be done in Milwaukee, and I dare say she may not be supported by the same gifted singers and accompanist that she has here.  Rush tickets and artist tickets are available for $10 each every day.  For more info visit Milwaukee Chamber Theatre’s website at:


Maria Callas