Adapted by Mountain Community Theater from the novel by Valentine Davies
Based upon the Twentieth Century Fox motion picture MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET

October 13-14, 2014
MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET will be directed by Dustin J. Martin. Please come to Sunset Playhouse on one of the audition dates listed. Auditions will consist of readings from the script.  Children auditioning should prepare to sing a capella one verse of a Christmas carol.


Auditioners will be asked to fill out an Audition Information Form prior to auditioning; one may fill this out the night of the auditions or ahead of time by downloading the MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET Audition Form or Young Performer Audition Form.


Auditions:  Monday & Tuesday, October 13 – 14, 2014 (7-10 p.m.)*
Callbacks:  Wednesday, October 15, 2014, 7-10 p.m. (if necessary)
Rehearsals: October 27 -December 3, 2014**
Performances: December 4 – December 31, 2014
Read further for a synopsis and character descriptions!

Scripts are available for check-out at the box office for a $10 deposit.

Box Office hours are TuesdayFriday 1 p.m.-5 p.m.; & Saturdays 1 p.m.-4 p.m.  Click here to see our other upcoming auditions!

Contact Kristen Kraklow at kkraklow@sunsetplayhouse.com or
262-782-4431, ext 222  if you have any further questions or if you plan to arrive later than 8:30 for auditions.



What would happen if Santa Claus were to walk among us?  When a white-bearded gentleman claiming to be “the real Santa Claus” emerges in New York city, he spreads a wave of love throughout the city, fosters camaraderie between rival department stores Macy’s and Bloomingdales, and convinces a single mother, her skeptical young daughter and the entire state of New York that Santa Claus is no myth.  The whole family will love this funny, poignant and faithful adaptation of the classic 1947 film.



(2 men, 1 woman, 1 female child, and 11-13 adults and 5-10 children)
These roles are for a specific gender and age:

KRIS KRINGLE: (Male, early 50s/late 70s) Lovable, kind, and warm. The embodiment of Santa Claus. Will need real beard.

DORIS WALKER: (Female, late 20s/early 40s) Personnel manager at Macy’s. A professional and successful single mother who protects and loves her daughter very much.

SUSAN WALKER: (Female, must appear 6-9) Bright, young girl with a natural curiosity about who Kris really is. Despite trying to be like her mother, she begins to see people in a whole new way that opens her eyes to the magic of the world around her.

FRED GAYLEY: (Male, late 20s/early 40s) Lawyer, neighbor, and friend to Doris and Susan. Determined to win his impossible-to-win case and the heart of Doris.


These roles are open for either male or female adults of any age:

SHELLHAMMER: Doris Walker’s personal assistant. Works very hard to please Doris and sell Macy’s merchandise. A touch nervous and high-strung.

SAWYER: Macy’s vocational guidance counselor that does not believe Kris is the real Santa and is out to expose him as a myth and a fraud.

DOCTOR PIERCE: Physician at Maplewood Home. Concerned for the safety and well-being of Kris. Wants very much to believe he is Santa.

MACY: Tough and stern but has a soft spot for Kris and the Christmas season.

JUDGE HARPER: Torn between duty to the law and desire to advance political career.

HALLORAN: Judge Harper’s political campaign manager. More concerned with advancement of the political career than doing what is right.

MARA: Prosecuting attorney who has to prove there is no Santa Clause. Torn between duty and being a parent to a child who believes in Santa.

Various Adult Roles: (4 – 6 adults): Various minor speaking roles available. May play several characters including pedestrians, parents, townspeople, shoppers, court officials, etc. Will also be asked to sing Christmas carols.

Various Children Roles: (5 – 10 children, 5 – 17): Various minor speaking and non-speaking roles available. May play several characters including: townspeople, elves, pedestrians, shoppers, etc.

Children may be double-cast. Will also be asked to sing Christmas carols.


*We reserve the right to end auditions after 8:30 if all actors present have already been seen.  If you plan to arrive after 8:30, please call 262-782-4431the day before to notify the Production Coordinator, Kristen Kraklow.


**Rehearsals will be held 5 times a week during the weekday evenings and weekend afternoons. Final schedule will be determined based on cast’s availability.

Nancy Visintainer-Armstrong

Artistic Director
Sunset Playhouse
800 Elm Grove Road
Elm Grove, WI 53122
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