Can you believe this team???!!!

Combat Theatre veterans:

Goofy Doug Jarecki

Sexy Allie Bonesho

Inscrutable Drew Brhel

Musical wizard Brian Myers



Plus  Carrie Hitchcock, Mary Kababik and Michael Pocaro,

all together in a near-future fantasy called —

HERESY  by A.R. Gurney at Next Act Theatre through December 14th.

The story  : It’s the year 2020.  Looks like the National Guard is in charge of the countryMary and Joe’s son, Chris, has been spreading an inspirational message that’s making the powers-that-be a little crazy. He’s got new ideas on living that might just shake up the world.   Homeland Security’s taken Chris into custody, and his friends and family are trying to get him released.  But that might be the most dangerous thing they could do.  It turns out that HERESY can be found  in many ideas, and you’ve probably had a few of them yourself.

These talented and krazy kids will also bring you the added,

special bonus, world premiere of


  • a Doug Jarecki and Brian Myers original concoction.

In the Crackdown Café, we take a glance at people on the edge of survival, in a world plagued by shortages of resources, morality and gumption (how often do you get to hear that word?).  But, and we emphasize, BUT, there is no shortage of humorous sketches, songs and stupidly-funny commercials for your enjoyment.  You’ll completely forget about your troubles because you’re laughing so hard at theirs.  And that’s really the point, right?  Thanks to creators Jarecki and Myers, you’re in for a post-crackdown treat.

Critics crackdown

ADDED BONUS: the critics are saying they don’t like the show.  Wow, that’s added value right there!  Here’s your chance to tell the critics where to put it, as you put your butt in a Next Act seat to see for yourself.  Allie Bonesho says, “People with ‘Combat humor’ are going to love this show.”

Special Combat offer:

So, come on Combat troops:  to Next Act Theatre, now through December 14th.  And don’t forget to ask for the special offer with promo code, “I love Doug.”  Well, you don’t have to say it if it isn’t true, but be sure to ask for the special Combat discount!  Discount is 20%.

See you at Next Act!        255 S. Water Street, Milwaukee, WI          414-278-0765