12th Night
Theatre Unchained is thrilled to announce further auditions for its February production of Shakespeare’s TWELFTH NIGHT!! We are looking for energetic, dynamic actors, singers, musicians, and dancers of all ages to cast this comedy!

Auditions: Thursday, January 8, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

If you can’t make this audition and would still like to be considered for a part, please contact James to schedule a private Audition: jimmydrag@yahoo.com.

Performance Dates: February 19 – March 1, Fri – Sun. Rehearsals will start January 12. Theatre Unchained is located at 1024 S 5th Street in Milwaukee.

Prepare one Shakespearean monologue and be ready to read from the script. If you do not have a monologue, you will read from sides only. If you have a talent other than acting: i.e. singing, guitar, dancing… Please prepare a short selection showcasing that talent.
Email jimmydrag@yahoo.com with questions.

Twelfth Night will be directed by James Dragolovich & Sharon Neiman-Kolbert

*All roles are open; please note that some characters may be double cast.
*We also will be casting pre-show acts of all performance varieties
Character breakdowns:

•Viola – Sebastian’s twin sister, a shipwrecked young lady, the heroine of the play, later disguised as a young man named Cesario.
•Sebastian – Viola’s twin brother, supposedly drowned in the shipwreck, but actually alive and visiting Illyria.
•Duke Orsino – Duke of Illyria-has been trying to win Olivia’s hand for quite some time
•Olivia – a wealthy countess-is in mourning and refuses to entertain any suitors
•Malvolio – steward in the household of Olivia-very full of himself and quick to assert his judgments on the rest of Olivia’s staff
•Maria – Olivia’s gentlewoman-brash and always speaking her mind
•Sir Toby Belch – Olivia’s uncle-crude and loves to party
•Sir Andrew Aguecheek – a rich man who Sir Toby brings to be Olivia’s wooer
•Feste – the clown, or jester, of Olivia’s household-arguably the wisest character of them all
•Fabian – a servant and friend to Sir Toby
•Antonio – a captain and friend to Sebastian
•Curio –  a gentleman attending on the Duke
•Captain of the Wrecked Ship, friend to Viola
•Ensemble of actors, singers, musicians, dancers