Lights!Camera!Soul! UWM Student Group dazzles with a fierce The Colored Museum by George C. Wolfe—-

Milwaukee, WI
Lights!Camera!Soul! Produces The Colored Museum by George C. Wolfe January 30-31 UWM Fireside Lounge 7:30 pm both nights. “We Value You,” brings a collaboration of professional and developing actors together to tell a fresh soul-engaging exhibition that is relevant until this day. The show receives guidance by Di’Monte Henning, a local actor that has earned his name in To the Promised Land, Burying the Bones, among other credits. The 7 exhibits Lights!Camera!Soul! digests is worthy of not only racial issues, identity, and historical issues. “Pst.Pst.Pst.” Join us to bring to life a night that raises eyebrows and may make one uncomfortable in their seats.
~Lights! Camera! Soul!
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