logo_and_text_smallHello.  I am a Midwest playwright and dramaturg who is in the process of founding a new theater company called Stagecloud.  Part of the cast is decided, but I am currently seeking a few experienced but early-career and non-Equity twentysomething actors—one female and four male—as well as a director for a production we’re mounting this summer in Milwaukee called The Media Plays.  The Media Plays is a collection of four plays in different genres, from a Mexican telenovela to a Disney-inspired piece about a prince and princess having marital problems, that collectively ask questions about how we respond to the themes and values of our media-saturated culture.

Stagecloud is a new kind of theater company for the current era.  In addition to our live shows, we will also offer an online library of our plays to be streamed after they close, as well as a Redbubble store for our original show art and merchandise, published print copies of our plays on Amazon, an iTunes page for our original music, and an ongoing series of podcasts containing interviews with theater artists from all over the country.  I also write and curate for The Clyde Fitch Report, an arts and politics site by one of the founders of TheaterMania, and am a network playwright and the social media marketer for Chicago Dramatists, which regularly publicizes the current work of its playwrights.  Between these two channels, we should be able to promote the launch of Stagecloud and The Media Plays to an audience of a few hundred thousand around the country.

This is a paid gig, although the amount will depend on the revenue we receive from sponsorships and ticket sales.  A major portion of all ticket sales will also be going to the actors and director, and 10% will be donated to a charity related to the themes of the show.

If this sounds appealing to you, please send a headshot and resume to Douglass.Sean.M@gmail.com.  If you fit what we are looking for, I will be in touch to schedule an informal reading with us.  Our female actor and one of our male actors will also be required to (briefly) sing, so we may ask for an informal vocal audition as well.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.