Milwaukee Chamber Theatre needs help moving our storage!

Volunteers are needed to move props, costumes, and furniture to a new location.


Remaining tasks include staging pallets, moving furniture and appliances, moving costume racks, setting up shelves, and unpacking and organizing.


Thursday, June 11            1pm-5pm                            Wrap Pallets/Move Shelving

6pm-9pm                            Wrap Pallets/Move Shelving

Friday, June 12                  1pm-5pm                            Moving

                                                6pm-9pm                            Moving

Saturday, June 13            9am-12pm                          THE BIG MOVE!

                                                1pm-5pm                            THE BIG MOVE!

Sunday, June 14               10am-2pm                          THE BIG MOVE!


Then I’ll need to re-group, but I’m sure there will be more to do the week after…


Phase Three- Unpacking

Tuesday, June 16             Time TBD                             Moving/Sale Prep/Unpacking

Thursday, June 18            Time TBD                             Moving/Sale Prep/Unpacking

Saturday, June 20            9am-12pm                          Moving if needed

                                                1pm-5pm                            Moving if needed



If you are inclined lend a hand, please reply to this email with your date & job preference, or give me a call.  I’m also open to other dates.


***If you are affiliated with another theatre company, I’ve got a barter to offer- hours volunteered can be tallied as prop and costume rental credit for your company.***


(and there WILL be a party at the end of it all!)


Looking forward to hearing from you,

Production Manager/Company Manager

Milwaukee Chamber Theatre

Cell: 414-617-2500            Office: 414-276-8842