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MILWAUKEE, WILast House Productions and Matthew Konkel are pleased to announce the premiere screening of their latest feature length film, Neptune, as part of the 2015 Milwaukee Film Festival. September 24th – October 8th


DATE and TIMES—The Milwaukee premiere of Neptune will take place on three different dates and venues during the festival. Tickets are currently available to purchase online at


SATURDAY, SEPT 26 | 3:30 PM | TIMES CINEMA 5906 W Vliet St. Milw, WI 53208
TUESDAY, SEPT 29 | 3:30 PM | AVALON THEATER 2473 S Kinnickinnic Ave. Milw, WI 53207
WEDNESDAY, SEPT 30 | 9:30 PM | ORIENTAL THEATRE 2230 N Farwell Ave. Milw, WI 53202




SYNOPSIS— Set in the late 1980s on an island off the coast of Maine, Neptune follows the last summer of Hannah Newcombe’s childhood. When a boy Hannah’s age is washed out to sea she becomes increasingly obsessed with his disappearance. Haunting dreams and visions occupy Hannah’s mind and she is moved to pacify them. She takes a job on a lobsterboat in a position previously held by the missing boy; her limited upbringing becomes affected by something broader and more elemental and Hannah is confronted with questions of her own identity for the first time.    RUNTIME IS APPROXIMATELY 108 MINUTES. TRAILER


Written and produced by Wisconsin native Matthew Konkel and his frequent collaborator from Maine, Derek Kimball, Neptune is an exploration of an orphaned adolescent’s journey to self-discovery, dictated by the tragic death and disappearance of a peer and the solitude of life on a small Maine island.  “Identity search is a rich and wide subject matter [Konkel] and I are fascinated with,” says Kimball. “With Neptune we have expanded on the themes established in our short films, I Want You To Know and The Bully, and created a piece that further explores the elements of identity search while pushing the boundaries of cinema story.”


Neptune was made possible through strong support in the greater Milwaukee area. It was produced in association with Strongpaw Productions and is funded in part by a grant from the Maine Arts Commission and the web-based funding platform Indiegogo.


CASTNeptune stars Jane Ackermann in the lead role as Hannah, Tony Reilly as Jerry and William McDonough III as Herb. Supporting cast members include Christine Louise Marshall as Sean, Dylan Chestnutt as Thomas, Maureen Butler as Kay and Liam Swift as Michael.

CREWNeptune is directed by Derek Kimball, written and produced by Matthew Konkel and Derek Kimball and produced by Allen Baldwin as well as Wisconsin residents Erin Maddox and Trish Hundhausen. The director of photography is Dean Merrill and Jayson Lobozzo, executive producers Michael W. Kamin, Herbert Kimball, Judith Mernick, Julie Maddox, Kathryn Buxton and Rick Ackermann, score by Graham and Emily Dix Thomas, art direction by Tess Van Horn and Isaac High.

About LAST HOUSE PRODUCTIONS—Last House Productions, founded and operated by Derek Kimball, is an award-winning independent film company based in Portland, Maine. The engaging realism, raw imagery, and powerful story lines characteristic of Kimball and Konkel’s films create a unique fusion of documentary and narrative filmmaking. Previous films I Want You To Know (2008) and The Bully (2011) have screened at and earned prestigious awards at film festivals across the country. Both films have garnered praise for portraying a genuine sense of realism by unearthing narratives from real life. Last House Productions’ previous films have garnered film festival awards from cities and states including La Jolla, CA, Providence, RI, Portland, ME, Milwaukee, WI and Madison, WI.


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