Save Milwaukee is a live action detective adventure in which groups of 2-6 have 60 minutes to find clues, solve puzzles, and thereby save Milwaukee from (fictional) doom. This is similar to an escape room, a style of interactive entertainment sweeping the globe. You can see more details on our website, www.savemke.com.


We’re looking for master agents who will be responsible for the overall guest experience. You’ll be a host, storyteller, actor, and problem solver all in one. You must love puzzles and riddles, be meticulous in attention to detail, and great at interacting with guests of all ages.


Specifically, duties will be to:

  1. Greet guests as they arrive and give them preliminary instructions.
  2. Dramatically recount the fictitious scenario which has left Milwaukee an hour away from destruction and explain how the guest agents are to go about saving our city.
  3. Monitor the attempt to save Milwaukee, interacting when necessary to provide guidance.
  4. At the conclusion of the attempt to save Milwaukee, congratulate agents profusely (if successful) or express proper sadness and anguish (if not). In both cases recap and review the attempt.
  5. Carefully reset the room. This includes inspecting all objects for damage, returning everything to its proper place, cleaning and straightening as needed, and refilling supplies as required.


Hours variable. You must be available to work weekends. Background in theatre or performing arts would be a help.


For more information call Shlomo at 414-364-2893. Email is info@savemke.com, but phone calls are preferred.