Help with Kidney Transplant Costs

“Sara can’t read or write yet without getting dizzy/motion sick, so she asked me to type her story.  Sara is the Costume Director at the Milwakee Rep Theater, a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa and Illinios State, and an artist.  At age 30, Sara was diagnosed with IgaN, an autoimmune disease that attacks the kidneys.  She had to change her diet and take medications to combat the disease and slow the damage to her kidneys.  Dispite maintaining her diet, activity levels, and medication routine, 15 months ago she was put on nightly dialysis and learned that she would need a transplant sooner rather than later.  On Tuesday, July 12th, while waiting for “The Secret Lives of Pets” to begin, she got the call – a kidney might be available.  Just a couple hours later I got a text, “Wheeling me into surgery now”.  It was 7:45pm and Sara was 5 hours away from family.  Mom and Dad rushed down the next morning to learn that surgery went well.  However the recovery since has been baby step forward, baby step back.  We were expecting 4-6 days in ICU and maybe 8 in a normal room, today is Sara’s 16th day in the ICU and the current outlook is several more.  She is undergoing several proceedures a day to deal with rejection, ward off infection, and handle side effects of the many drugs. 4 hours of Dialysis every other day to do what her two original and 1 new kidney can’t yet handle, Thymoglobulin treatmenton the opposite days to combat rejection.  The thymoglobulin has made her sick, spiked her fever, and possibly lowered her red blood counts (which requires yet more proceedures infusions and something-foresis).  Sara is a wonderful, kind person and is doing all that she can to get better.  Even with health insurance, a transplant sugery and recovery are costly, adding the extra days in ICU, special consultations, and possibly extending her time away from work makes it even more costly.  Please help Sara with her medical expenses, even a small amount will help.  Please also send well wishes to her Facebook Page.  She can’t read them herself yet, but we are reading them to her and they make her day.  And lastly, drink lots of water to protect your own kidney health.”  – Marcy Seavey, Sara’s Sister