Auditions for Cambrian, the first production of Cooperative Performance MIlwaukee’s 2016-2017 Season, will take place August 21st from 10am to 12:30pm at UW-Milwaukee’s Theater Building.

Devised by Brennen Steines
Choeography by Liz Faragia

Cast: Two, possibly three, performers with a movement or dance background. Any gender or age.

Auditions will include movement exercises and choreography, as well as work with clay.

Auditions will take place in two one-hour calls:

10am-11am OR 11:30am-12:30pm
**Please note: due to space limitations, we can accomoate only 20 people per time slot, signing up in advance is encouraged**

TO SIGN UP email Eric Scherrer at with preferred time slot and resume/headshot (these may also be brought hard copy to audition)

Rehearsal Start Date: Tuesday September 27th
Performance Dates: Oct. 28th-30th, Nov. 4th-6th

Cambrian Description:
The “Cambrian Explosion” was a massive event in Earth’s evolutionary history, wherein life diversified dramatically and split into most of the phyla we see in the present day. Cambrian trace fossils act as the ghost of life’s activity over 500 million years ago. Cambrian,a sound and movement based performance, explores themes of life, evolution, and physical form. The performers isolate forms of their body and subsume materials in the space to alter their physicality and their environment. Set in a minimal achromatic setting; light, sound, and movement aim to capture the evolution from organic material to sentient life. The show explores the interdependence of life and solid earth while inviting audiences to think about the current state of humanity in the Anthropocene. Will we innovate and ensure a future for our species or are we destined become a fossilized curiosity like life in the Cambrian?