Light from a show. Vector illustration.
Dear Theatre Folks-
Earlier this week I alerted you about some theatre equipment that has become available from the Hales Corners Cable TV studio,
which includes :
  • 7  – 17″ Floodlights
  • 2  – Ellipsoidal spots ( size unknown)
  • 2-  TV cameras (on tripods) plus some monitors and stuff.
Add to that a sound system I have stored in my garage, which has
  • 2 Theatre sized speakers and a wedge monitor
  • A  control bay with amplifiers, equalizers, etc
  • A Mackie mixing board with 8 channels plus assorted mikes.
The new development is that Betty Salamun ( Dance Circus ) told me she has no further use for her lighting stuff, which I purchased myself some 35 years ago, and as far as I know is still in working condition.  I haven’t seen it for a while, but there was something like:
  • 8 – 6×9 500w and 4 – 6×12 750w ellipsoidals plus some cable
  • Other various stuff that I have to check out.  There were 3 PAR strip lights, but that may be long gone.
This is almost the makings of a small theatre unto itself.  ( There is no lighting control board or curtains, but otherwise…)
Yes, this could be sold ( or gifted) off in pieces, but it makes me wonder about the greater possibilities.
When Milwaukee Public Theatre had the space in the Grand Avenue Mall, there was the location and the potential of a shared space for smaller Milwaukee groups-
it just lacked the equipment (and funding).  I wonder if that vision still has any possibilities, in part to “pass it on” to the younger, just-starting-out performers that will following in our footsteps?
It existed in the past, if you can remember Century Hall, the studio space at Lincoln Center, and other  places where we once performed our art under the “Shelter” of a communal space. (More recently I think Bucketworks was trying to do that too)
Would there be an accessible space somewhere where a public, cooperative small theatre again exist and the interest to make it happen?
Or perhaps if not a theatre, a small TV studio where your various groups could videotape presentations (meaning not set up for the public to attend)
Or at least have a pool of equipment stored and available to groups as needed?
I don’t know…
that’s why I’m asking for your input while this opportunity is knocking.
I potentially can gather and store some of the stuff for a while, but I’d like to see it passed on in some positive fashion, and the sooner the better.
If anyone knows who else should be in the conversation, let me know.
David HB Drake
Organic Arts Ltd.